The Elongated App-O-Rama Method for Multiple Credit Card Applications

Some frequent-flyers like to apply for lots of credit cards. Often they will do all the applications in one day, a process called an app-o-rama.

This blog post describes what the author believes is a better way to apply for multiple credit cards, a method likely to get more approvals. He calls it an “elongated app-o-rama.”

As the blogger points out, the results of an elongated app-o-rama are very much YMMV (Your Mileage/results May Vary).

Canadian Airlines Letting Pets Fly Free

Leaving pets behind is not an option for Canadians fleeing wildfires. Two airlines are bending their own rules to help.

Fort McMurray, a town in western Canada, has been devastated by a still-intense wildfire. Over 1000 homes were burned, and the residents had almost no warning that they needed to evacuate.

Pets are being airlifted to safety.

Many residents grabbed their dogs, cats, fish and birds and headed for the nearest operating airport, planning to stay with relatives in some other area. Under normal conditions, these animals would not be allowed to fly free…or even at all.

In response, at least two Canadian airlines are waiving their normal pet-transportation fees and letting pets fly free with their owners.

These good-Samaritan airlines are Canadian North and West Jet.

Not Travel Related, But Useful: How to Remove Malware from Your PC

This article, dated April 22 (yesterday), has an excellent list of steps to take if / when your PC becomes infected with malware (viruses, trojans, ransomware, crimeware, etc.).

The article is from PC Magazine, a reputable source.

Computer Keyboard, by john_a_ward / Flickr

With Strong U.S. Dollar, Save by Paying in a Foreign Currency

Some websites let you select the currency you wish to use for payments. For Americans, currently enjoying a very strong dollar, it often makes sense to select a foreign currency. This Miles to Memories blog post gives an explanation:

Others have noted the ability to use this “trick” for online purchases of Norwegian Airlines tickets (select the Norwegian Kroner currency).

Credit cards

A Fun Non-Travel Website

I came across a whimsical website, whose aim is to list and describe what holiday every day of the year is. The website’s name is “Every Day is a Holiday.”

For example, today is a holiday possibly created and promoted by the Frito-Lay Company…but who cares? It’s all good fun.

Every day is different, and the blogger (Carrie French) comes up with some captivating text and explanation for every holiday.

Some Non-Travel Trivia

In every advertisement for pizza, without exception, there is at least one scene in which one of the slices of pizza is removed from the rest. In the advertising industry, that is called the “cheese pull.”