Small NZ Airport With Train Tracks Across the Runway

Gisborne Airport in New Zealand has active railroad tracks running across its runway.

Pretty weird!

Chicago to Cabo for Just $244 r/t on United…Even Christmas & New Years

United Airlines is offering r/t flights from Chicago to Cabo San Lucas for just $244. Christmas and New Years, and many other winter dates. What a way to escape the cold!

These seats will disappear quickly, because the winter weather in Cabo is a heckuva lot better than in Chicago.

Getting to Europe Using the Fewest Frequent-Flyer Miles

It’s not widely known that different airline programs charge different amounts of frequent-flyer miles for the same routes. For example, to fly Business Class from USA and Europe can cost 70,000 Delta SkyMiles, or just 37,500 British Air Avios. And, there are some smart ways to earn BA Avios even if you fly other airlines (like American).

The Best Points & Miles for Travel to Europe

This blog post lists several ways to obtain and use the frequent-flyer-miles programs of unexpected airlines for travel from the United States to Europe.

Fly Free Using Frequent-Flyer Miles
Fly Free Using Frequent-Flyer Miles

Error Fare: Premium Economy USA to London for Just $647 r/t

Virgin Atlantic is mis-pricing travel from New York and Washington, D.C. to London in Premium Economy. The error fare is just $647 for travel as late as March, or perhaps later.

Awesome Deal: Cheap Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy Tickets To London

As with all super deals and error fares, this will not last long.

Low Fares to London
Low Fares to London

List of Credit Cards That Charge Foreign Transaction Fee

Some credit cards are fine for use internationally, but others charge a fee (often 3%) for purchases made overseas. This is a wholly-unjustified charge whose purpose it to enrich the banks.

This is a handy list of some cards that do charge a fee:

Obviously, if you own several credit cards and are traveling (or making online purchases from a foreign company), you will want to use the cards with no fee.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones / Earbuds Make Flying Less Tiring

Flying is made more tiring and stressful by the unavoidable background noise. Noise-cancelling headphones and earbuds reduce the droning sound level so you arrive in a better state of mind.

In general the noise seems to be worse the farther back in the plane you are sitting. Regional jets seem to be much noisier than larger aircraft.

I have used headphones with active noise cancellation for several years, with very good results. They have a switch on the side, and when you click it the noise level drops significantly…that’s how you know they use active sound cancellation. However, they take up room in my carry-on, so I’ve just ordered some “noise cancelling” Bluetooth earbuds from Amazon.

I’m hoping these will be less un-comfortable when I lean my head against the aircraft while trying to sleep in a window seat. I plan to report back here shortly after they arrive.

If you have a larger budget and are interested in headphones, this blog post has good information:

Wireless Headphones

San Antonio Airport Opens Airside Pet Relief Room

San Antonio’s international airport has opened a pet-relief room airside. The room has turf and a simulated fire hydrant, and is for use by dogs and cats accompanying passengers on airline flights.

Most airports have pet relief areas, but in almost all cases they are outside security. San Antonio has advanced to a facility airside, for passengers who have already done their security screening.