Speculation: Hilton HHonors Might Devalue Soon

It’s just speculation on blogger Howie Rappaport’s part, but he’s a very smart guy.


As a recently-minted Hilton Diamond with lots of HHonors points, I’m really hoping it doesn’t happen.

Hilton Hotel

It happened to me in February…I checked into a Hilton Hotel and they would not give me (a Diamond) an upgrade…said they were Full.

I wish I had thought to do this at the time:


Just accept the crummy room they offer, then go online from it and see what kind of rooms the hotel is selling. Complain to the desk clerk or online.

This should work for any hotel brand.

Hilton Hotel

Big Hilton HHonors Bonus for No-Fee Credit Card

This is a pretty darn good offer: 75,000 Hilton HHonors points for getting a new Amex credit card and spending just $1000.



Best of all, the card has no annual fee. That means it’s a keeper, and if you use it for some small purchase from time to time it will give you a few HHonors points which will preserve the rest of your points.

Just having the card gives you automatic Silver status at Hilton, which isn’t terribly valuable but at least gives you a little leverage. If you spend $20,000 in a year your Hilton HHonors status will jump to Gold and you will have earned at least 60,000 more HHonors points.

Hilton Hotel

Hilton Will (May) Match Your Status With Another Hotel Program

UPDATE: This morning I realized that I had included the two screen captures in .png format, rather than the required .jpg format. Unfortunately, the Hilton website will not permit a second application for the same HHonors number, so no update for me this time.

ORIGINAL POST: This might be good until 2018. The offer is targeted, but it might work for anyone.


I went for it, asking to match my IHG Platinum status. Hilton’s website says they will notify me, there was no email confirmation.

Since I already am Diamond with Hilton (due to another promotion, with a shorter expiration date), I hope that I don’t get downgraded.


Awesome Trick for Finding Hyatt Award Opportunities

While I’m not a regular Hyatt customer (I prefer IHG if I can use a PointSaver discount), a lot of people are. This remarkable trick will find all the cash+points opportunities in a given area much faster than searching one-by-one.


I don’t know why Corporate Code 51440 works, or how much longer it will, but it seems to be a real time saver for Hyatt fans.


Hilton Hotels Flash Sale Until March 13, Rooms as Low as $40

Yes, rooms in a few locations in Turkey and Egypt on some weekend dates are as low as $40. Rooms in other locations in Europe, Middle East and Africa are discounted too.

7 Day Flash Sale: Room Rates as Low as $40 on Hilton Hotels in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Don’t expect to find a suite in downtown London or Paris at these rates, but it’s worth checking any existing reservations to see if you should cancel/rebook at the lower price.

Hotel Rooms for Almost Free

Automatic Notification When Hotel Price Drops

TripBAM.com is a website that will automatically notify you by email if the daily rate at your selected hotel (or group of hotels) drops.


This works even if you prefer to book directly with the hotel chain, in order to get full points-and-stays credit in their frequent-guest program.

TripBAM does this by checking the rates every day on the hotel’s website. Note that it does not work on AARP, AAA, government, etc. rates.

Sheraton Hotel

How to Get Hotel Upgrades

It’s a lot easier to get a hotel-room upgrade than an airline-seat upgrade. This blog post tells you how.

How to Get an Upgrade on Your Next Hotel Stay

Hotel desk clerks have a lot of leeway. If you irritate them, you may get a room with a clear close-up view of the dumpster that is emptied every morning at 5 A.M.

On the other hand, politeness and the methods in the blog post can get you a nice suite on the executive floor.

Sheraton Hotel

You will definitely want to read to the end of the post, which tells what some cash at check-in can do in Las Vegas (and other large cities).

Hilton Credit Card Has No Annual Fee and 70,000 HHonors Point Bonus After $1000 Spend

This is a very good deal. Most credit card with this size bonus have an annual fee. This is an Amex card, so you will not get the bonus if you have had this card before.


Best Offer Yet: Earn 70,000 Hilton Points (and No Annual Fee) With the AMEX Hilton Honors Card [OFFER EXPIRED]


You will receive 70,000 points after spending $1000 during your first 3 months of card membership.

Depending upon the hotel you select, you can get several free nights with that number of points. And, you will receive 3 HHonors points per dollar of regular spend on the card.

Hilton HHonors points can be used at ten different Hilton hotel brands: Hilton, Conrad, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites and others.

Hilton Danube Waterfront, Vienna. Photo by Harald Felgner / Flickr

Blogger Got $1500 Worth of IHG Points for $52 via Priceless Surprises Promotion

So she is very happy.

Because I sent in 94 entries for both me and my wife, my family received close to 2x the value that she did.


Unfortunately, the promotion is now closed and seems (to me) never to be repeated because it was so (probably unintentionally) lucrative.

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