IHG PointBreaks List is Out and Bookable

Many frequent flyers anxiously await every new IHG PointBreaks list, and it is out and bookable today! For just 5000 IHG points (cost about $30) you can book a stay in select hotels.


IHG Point Breaks Fall 2016: Full List of Hotels for 5K Points Including Two Nice Intercontinental Properties

New IHG PointBreak Hotels!

IHG Releases PointBreaks List for Stays Through October 31


Paid Holiday Inn Stays Usually Count for IHG Promotions
Paid Holiday Inn Stays Usually Count for IHG Promotions

I’ve already made a few PointBreaks reservations for stays in Great Britain next month.


Anyone? Can Receive Hilton HHonors Gold Status for Free

Hotel chains like Hilton / IHG / Marriott / etc. grant “status” to their best customers, the customers who stay the most nights. Some typical status names are Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond.

Having status is beneficial, because it often enables you to get free/faster wi-fi, late departure and free breakfast. The latter can really save you money…a few weeks ago I used my Hilton Diamond status to get free breakfasts that would normally cost $15 plus tax per day.

Hilton is currently offering free Gold status to employees of Accenture, but it seems as if anyone can sign up for it.


Once you have status from one hotel chain (say, Hilton), you can ask other hotel chains to for a “status match.” They usually will grant you temporary status that they believe is comparable to what you have at their competitor. That is how I came to be a Hilton Diamond…not from stays, but because Hilton matched my IHG Platinum status.

Hilton Hotel
Hilton Danube Waterfront, Vienna

And how did I get IHG Platinum status, you ask? Did I do a lot of paid stays at IHG properties (Crowne Plaza, Interncontinental, Holiday Inn, Staybridge)? Nope, I just applied for and received one of their IHG credit cards from Chase Bank…one perk of that card is that it grants free Platinum status.

The world of hotel (and airline) status is crazy like that.

Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn

IHG PointBreaks List Out & Bookable Now for Stays Through July 31

In the past IHG has published a “preview list” of PointBreaks, but not this time. Here is the full, live, bookable list:


Several travel blogs always report on IHG PointBreaks, including this one – HowYouCanFlyFree.com:

http://www.pointswithacrew.com/may-2016-june-2016-july-2016-ihg-pointbreaks-list-now-bookable-with-map-and-sortable-table (which has a useful interactive map of the PointBreaks hotels)



IHG PointBreaks: Hotel Stays for 5,000 Points Per Night

Holiday InnIHG PointBreaks are a wonderful deal, just 5000 points per night (= ~$35) and the desirable hotels go fast. Bloggers explain how you can legitimately purchase an unlimited number of IHG points for less than the official price.

Anxiously Waiting for Next IHG PriceBreaks List

Some of my vacation planning is now being done courtesy of International Hotels Group (IHG). My decisions about where to visit are increasingly based upon where IHG has some of their super-cheap PointBreaks hotels.

For example, last year it was Liverpool, England and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I also was able to utilize PointBreaks hotels for already-planned trips to North Carolina and Phoenix.

The new list of IHG PointBreaks should come out in about a week, so I can plan my next trips then. The best places to find the PointBreaks announcement, when it comes out, seem to be http://LoyaltyLobby.com or http://MommyPoints.com

Holiday Inn

It happened to me in February…I checked into a Hilton Hotel and they would not give me (a Diamond) an upgrade…said they were Full.

I wish I had thought to do this at the time:


Just accept the crummy room they offer, then go online from it and see what kind of rooms the hotel is selling. Complain to the desk clerk or online.

This should work for any hotel brand.

Hilton Hotel

Hilton Will (May) Match Your Status With Another Hotel Program

UPDATE: This morning I realized that I had included the two screen captures in .png format, rather than the required .jpg format. Unfortunately, the Hilton website will not permit a second application for the same HHonors number, so no update for me this time.

ORIGINAL POST: This might be good until 2018. The offer is targeted, but it might work for anyone.


I went for it, asking to match my IHG Platinum status. Hilton’s website says they will notify me, there was no email confirmation.

Since I already am Diamond with Hilton (due to another promotion, with a shorter expiration date), I hope that I don’t get downgraded.


Automatic Notification When Hotel Price Drops

TripBAM.com is a website that will automatically notify you by email if the daily rate at your selected hotel (or group of hotels) drops.


This works even if you prefer to book directly with the hotel chain, in order to get full points-and-stays credit in their frequent-guest program.

TripBAM does this by checking the rates every day on the hotel’s website. Note that it does not work on AARP, AAA, government, etc. rates.

Sheraton Hotel

Blogger Got $1500 Worth of IHG Points for $52 via Priceless Surprises Promotion

So she is very happy.

Because I sent in 94 entries for both me and my wife, my family received close to 2x the value that she did.


Unfortunately, the promotion is now closed and seems (to me) never to be repeated because it was so (probably unintentionally) lucrative.

Holiday Inn Luton

Mail IHG “Priceless Surprises” Entries by This Saturday

International Hotel Group’s “Priceless Surprises” promotion has an official (postmark) deadline of Monday, Feb. 15. However, that day is Presidents Day, a holiday for the U.S. Postal Service, so your 94 entries need to be mailed this week!

1 Week Left for an Easy 50,000 IHG Points

Priceless Surprises is one of the best deals going. Its implementation is almost certainly a financial mistake in the eyes of IHG but a boon for savvy consumers. Combining “Priceless Surprises” with IHG’s PointBreaks hotels, you can get a room in a Holiday Inn for $5 (five dollars) per night. I know it works…I’ve done it multiple times both in the United States and overseas.

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