Your Rights if Your Airline Travel is Disrupted – Bumps, Delays, Cancellations

Everyone who flies on commercial airlines has encountered delays. Maybe you have been bumped…told that you will have to take a later flight.

Or maybe your flight was delayed, sometimes by bad weather, sometimes by lack of available crew members, sometimes by a mechanical problem.

Worse than a bump or a delay is having your flight cancelled. That will leave you scrambling for a new way to get to your destination.

When any of these circumstances occur you do have some rights, and this blog post explains what they are.


Chris & Bob’s Travel Website

My friends Chris and Bob Lippincott have their own website. On it they show photos of the many North American locations they have visited. Every day they post a beautiful photograph of something interesting…objects, animals, fish, plants and people.

Chris and Bob’s website can be found at

Chris and Bob are members of the Retired Austin Travelers group in Austin, Texas.


United Airlines Website Now Shows More Complex Award Itineraries

For awhile the United Airlines website has not shown award (using frequent-flyer miles) itineraries with more than one segment in each direction.

United’s Website Now Displays Complex Award Itineraries

Now that has been fixed, and the site can display travel options that it did not before.

New Tool Searches for Widebody Airline Flights in USA

No, a “widebody” does not refer to an overweight person…it means a commercial aircraft with 2 aisles instead of 1. Widebody airliners always seem more comfortable to me than single-aisle aircraft.

A Boeing 777 is an example of a widebody airliner.

The Wandering Aramean has created a tool to show which routes in the United States will be flown by widebody aircraft. Only about 35 airports in the US are served by widebody airliners.

Where the Widebodies Fly

Because they are “fatter” than narrowbody aircraft, widebodies cause more air turbulence when they take off and land. This turbulence has the possibility of disturbing the aircraft that follows the widebody down the runway, so air traffic controllers have to allow extra time after a widebody takes off or lands.

The air traffic controller term for a widebody aircraft is “heavy.”

A Widebody Squirrel. Photo by James Marvin Phelps / Flickr

Fly Dallas to Atlanta, $82 on Southwest (free cancel) or $87 on Delta (no free cancel)…Which Would You Choose?

Southwest Airlines is so much more passenger-friendly than the other legacy carriers…free changes, free checked luggage, friendly staff.

In both cases the fares are from Love Field in Dallas to Atlanta Hartsfield and back.

And if you have a Southwest Airlines Companion Pass, your companion can accompany you for just $5.60.

Related: Atlanta to NYC La Guardia, $110 r/t on Southwest, $167 on Delta.

Keep Your Home Safe During Vacations

It’s fun to be on vacation, but many of us do a little worrying about what’s happening back in our apartments or houses. This blog post gives some reminders of things to do before you leave home. It was written by Lee Abbamonte, the self-proclaimed youngest American to visit every country in the world.

A couple of thoughts that I have:

  • Don’t cancel your internet service if you use an internet-connected security system or surveillance camera.
  • Set up a light(s) on timers to approximate your normal routine.
  • Notify your local police, ask for close patrol of your residence if they offer that service.
  • If you are traveling in winter, take the normal precautions for your area regarding freeze protection. This may include leaving the heater on a low setting, or leaving exterior faucets dripping. If you have a swimming pool, do whatever is needed to keep the pump from freezing.
  • In summer, take precautions to keep your swimming pool or spa at the correct sanitizer dosage so they do not turn green from algae.

If you have taken the proper precautions you can fully enjoy your trip.


Free Admission to 150 Museums on Certain Weekends

If you have a Bank of America credit- or debit card, or are a Merrill-Lynch customer, you can enjoy free admission to many museums and zoos once a month. You just need to show your card (and sometimes an ID) at the door.

Upcoming 2016 weekends are:

  • Feb 6&7
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  • Apr 2&3
  • May 7&8

Free Access to US Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, & More This Weekend With Your Bank of America Card!

Click here to see the list of museums in your area.

Click here to see the official website with an option to receive an email reminder from Bank of America every month.

Lion in a Zoo. Photo by Etrusia UK / Flickr

American Airlines Offering More Business and First Class Seats

Last week I noticed that American had MileSaaver business-class seats available every day for award travel from the US to Japan and US to Europe. A couple of days earlier there had been nothing, suddenly there was tons of availability.

Others have noticed the same thing, and some of the bloggers see that upgrades similarly are available.

International American Airlines Upgrades Are Getting Easier

If you are planning overseas travel on AA and prefer Biz or First Class, now is the time to book.

Flying First Class. Photo by Richard Moross / Flickr