Korean Air Has a Great Program for Award Travelers

Some of their routes require few frequent-flyer miles.


Even their new changes are still much more passenger-friendly than what travelers on U.S. airlines (except Southwest) experience.

Need some Korean Air frequent-flyer miles? You can transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards and Starwood Starpoints in.

Winter Southwest Airlines Schedule Goes Live June 2

Many of us who regularly fly Southwest Airlines know that the early bird usually gets the cheapest airfares on that airline. So it is important to book SWA flights as early as possible. At the present time the calendar for bookings extends only to November 4.

A blogger has noticed that the next calendar extension is scheduled for June 2. As of that date, you will be able to book flights as far out as January 4, 2017…covering Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Booking Southwest Flights for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years

A great thing about Southwest is that cancellations are free of penalty. So, you can make multiple reservations on June 2, then cancel the ones later that don’t actually fit your schedule.

“Free of penalty” should be clarified: If you pay with Rapid Rewards points, they will be returned to your account if you cancel (or don’t actually board) a flight. You can find the official rules on this Southwest Airlines page.


Virgin America Will Match Your Status on Another Airline

So, say you have Gold, Platinum or Executive Platinum (or the equivalent) on an airline, and you would like to fly Virgin America (VAm) but have no status with them. Now you’re in luck!

Virgin America Status Match

Virgin America has Elevate Silver and Elevate Gold levels, and will match you into one of them if you have status on American, Delta, Southwest or United.

The Southwest Airlines rule is peculiar…VAm will match you into Elevate Gold if you have a Companion Pass on SWA. Many of us don’t think of the Companion Pass as a status level, but evidently VAm does.

Updated Award Chart Comparison for Mainline U.S. Carriers

Here is an updated version of MileValue’s award-chart comparison for major United States airlines:


The chart covert the Big 3 mainline airlines in the U.S. – American, Delta and United. The fourth column is for American Airlines off-peak awards, which come with a considerable savings.

The chart does not cover Allegiant, JetBlue, Frontier, Spirit, Southwest and other smaller airlines.

American Airlines, Photo by Thomas Hawk / Flickr

Website Notifies You if Southwest Fare Changes, So You Can Get Free Refund

UPDATE: The day after I entered my upcoming flights and posted this, Dragon Fare Scanner sent an email notifying me of a 2000+ point drop for an upcoming flight. Changing to the lower fare online took only a couple of minutes…easy peasy!

ORIGINAL POST: Southwest Airline has a very generous policy of refunding the difference if the fare (in either dollars or Rapid Rewards points) drops on a reservation. The difficulty is that you have to discover the price drop yourself.

A new website automates the process, and will notify you automatically of a price drop.


Automatic Notifications when a Southwest Flight Drops in Price!

I don’t expect this website to be around very long, because SWA traditionally takes offense at any attempt to scrape their own website for any reason.

But for now, it’s worth using. I’ve just input 4 of my own reservations, hoping to catch a price drop or two.

How to Fly to Cuba Using Frequent Flyer Miles

The title is somewhat of a tease, since you cannot yet use your frequent flyer miles to buy a ticket from the U.S. to Cuba. But that time is rapidly approaching, and the article tells you what is known at this point.


Airlines covered are American, Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest and United. Bumps Can Get You Free FlightsKeep in mind that most flights will go to Cuban cities other than Havana, due to a current limit of just 20 flights per day to that city.

Southwest Airlines 3-Day Fare Sale

Southwest is running another airfare sale. Whenever they do this I go back through my existing reservations to see which, if any, can be changed to get the lower rate.

Southwest 3-Day Sale

Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes not. Since you can cancel and re-book Southwest reservations without penalty, it’s worth it to make a change whenever the sale price (in dollars or points) is lower than when you originally booked.

Fly Southwest Airlines at a discount.
Fly Southwest Airlines at a discount.

Southwest Airlines EarlyBird Price Going Up to $15

Starting March 14, Southwest’s “Early Bird” option will rise in price from $12.50 to $15.


Buyers of EarlyBird get automatic check-in, so they do not need to check in manually exactly 24 hours before departure in order to get a good boarding order (seat).

I always buy EarlyBird, to ensure that I will board early enough to find available bin space.