NYC / Philadelphia to Budapest for $338 Round-Trip

This fare will disappear soon, so book it now with 24-hour cancellation privileges. East Coast cities to Budapest, Hungary, for $338.

HURRY: New York/Philadelphia – Budapest from $338 Roundtrip

Amazing Deal: Fly East Coast to Budapest for ~$300



Draft Beer to be Tested on KLM

So, it’s just a test, but KLM will be testing a draft beer dispenser on a galley cart. The idea is to roll the cart down the aisle of the KLM aircraft and dispense beer along the way.

Draft Beer

There are some technical challenges, let’s hope they can sort them out.

USA to Poland $519 r/t This Fall

Flights on KLM from New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., to Krakow, Poland are available for only $519 round-trip for travel in September and October.

Krakow (the final W is pronounced like V) is the “fun city” in Poland. Its huge central square is full of people milling about after dark, and the cafes surrounding the square are full of people watching the square full of people. If you purchase a coffee, beer or other beverage you can sit there for hours without being bothered by the waitstaff, unlike in the United States.

‘Layover With a Local’ Program by KLM Starts at Amsterdam

Very similar to the new “Icelandair Buddies” program being tested in Reykjavik, KLM is trying out a program where passengers with a layover of 6 or more hours at AMSterdam can be paired up with a local resident and enjoy a free drink in the city.

KLM’s New Stopover Service: ‘Layover with a Local’

Could the Layover With a Local program lead to some romantic meetings and eventually marriages? We will have to wait and see.

Romance in Amsterdam Courtesy of KLM? Photo by Millzero Photography / Flickr