Updated Award Chart Comparison for Mainline U.S. Carriers

Here is an updated version of MileValue’s award-chart comparison for major United States airlines:


The chart covert the Big 3 mainline airlines in the U.S. – American, Delta and United. The fourth column is for American Airlines off-peak awards, which come with a considerable savings.

The chart does not cover Allegiant, JetBlue, Frontier, Spirit, Southwest and other smaller airlines.

American Airlines, Photo by Thomas Hawk / Flickr

How to Fly to Cuba Using Frequent Flyer Miles

The title is somewhat of a tease, since you cannot yet use your frequent flyer miles to buy a ticket from the U.S. to Cuba. But that time is rapidly approaching, and the article tells you what is known at this point.


Airlines covered are American, Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest and United. Bumps Can Get You Free FlightsKeep in mind that most flights will go to Cuban cities other than Havana, due to a current limit of just 20 flights per day to that city.

Ft. Lauderdale to Lima, Peru, only $299 Round-Trip on JetBlue

Lima is the gateway to World Heritage sites Machu Picchu and Cuzco, and to the mysterious Nazca Lines.


This low fare is available on JetBlue for various date pairs in April.

For a tested method to avoid the altitude sickness that afflicts many visitors to Machu Picchu via Cuzco, click here.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Comparison of Frequent-Flyer Award Charts for American, Delta and United Airlines

One conclusion is that the Big 3 legacy carriers have nearly identical numbers of frequent-flyer miles needed for any given route.


Maybe a comparison including JetBlue will be published later.

jetBlue N290JBSouthwest Airlines does their frequent-flyer program in a very different way, so it can’t really be compared to the others.