Handy Chart Shows Miles Needed from New York to Anywhere

Back in April Dan’s Deals posted a chart showing the number of frequent-flyer miles needed from travel from New York City to almost everywhere. Six airlines are included in the chart, as well as Coach and Business classes.


If you have frequent flyer miles, you should refer to this chart when planning a trip. If you have frequent flyer miles from several airlines, you really should refer to this chart.

American Airlines Frequent Flyer Card
American Airlines Frequent Flyer Card

Fare War: California, NYC to Sweden in Early August

Delta and United Airlines are skirmishing over fares from several California airports to Stockholm, Sweden, for August departures. A fare war including American Airlines is continuing for flights from New York to Scandinavia. Iberia Airlines is in the fight also.

Fare War DL/UA $641-$699 LAX/SFO/SJC/SNA to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo early August fares

Check the airline websites, Google Flights and/or your favorite online travel agency (Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, etc.) to see what is available. Look for round-trip fares in the $300s from the East Coast and the $600s from the West Coast.

Buy Iberia Avios With Groupon, Can Convert to British Air Avios

BA Avios are handy because reservations made with them (including for American Airlines flights) can be cancelled for only about $3. This compares very, very favorably with the $150 cost to cancel a reservation for the same flight made with AAdvantage miles.

You can purchase up to 100,000 Iberia Avios with a current Groupon deal, then convert them to BA Avios.


Groupon Selling Iberia Plus Avios (Again)

As an added consideration, you can purchase as few as 2000 IB Avios which is likely to protect any existing points from expiring.