Fly USA to Peru for $291 Round-Trip. Delta Airlines. Won’t Last Long!

From DansDeals, on Delta for most of 2016.

Works for all three Washington, D.C. airports to Lima. If you have ever wanted to see Machu Picchu, this is your opportunity!

Machu Picchu

Airline Upgrade Policies for Alaska, American, Delta and United

Scott Mackenzie has written a ‘compare and contrast’ post about the upgrade policies of Alaska, American, Delta and United Airlines.

This is a complex topic, since policies vary for full-fare, discounted and award tickets, and between the various elite status levels that each airline’s frequent-flier program offers. Also, can you upgrade with FF miles? And finally, can your companion upgrade if you do?

This is a good reference, kudos to Scott for preparing it!

First Class Upgrade
First Class Upgrade

Fly Philly to Sydney on Delta for 50,000 Points Coach / 80,000 Business Round-Trip

At least that is the theory, if you can find availability for your travel dates in the Saver fare bucket.

Sydney Opera House

New Tool Searches for Widebody Airline Flights in USA

No, a “widebody” does not refer to an overweight person…it means a commercial aircraft with 2 aisles instead of 1. Widebody airliners always seem more comfortable to me than single-aisle aircraft.

A Boeing 777 is an example of a widebody airliner.

The Wandering Aramean has created a tool to show which routes in the United States will be flown by widebody aircraft. Only about 35 airports in the US are served by widebody airliners.

Where the Widebodies Fly

Because they are “fatter” than narrowbody aircraft, widebodies cause more air turbulence when they take off and land. This turbulence has the possibility of disturbing the aircraft that follows the widebody down the runway, so air traffic controllers have to allow extra time after a widebody takes off or lands.

The air traffic controller term for a widebody aircraft is “heavy.”

A Widebody Squirrel. Photo by James Marvin Phelps / Flickr

Fly Dallas to Atlanta, $82 on Southwest (free cancel) or $87 on Delta (no free cancel)…Which Would You Choose?

Southwest Airlines is so much more passenger-friendly than the other legacy carriers…free changes, free checked luggage, friendly staff.

In both cases the fares are from Love Field in Dallas to Atlanta Hartsfield and back.

And if you have a Southwest Airlines Companion Pass, your companion can accompany you for just $5.60.

Related: Atlanta to NYC La Guardia, $110 r/t on Southwest, $167 on Delta.