ERROR FARE: NYC to Bulgaria for $344 Round-Trip

Fly from New York to Sofia, Bulgaria for only $344 round-trip November to March.

Grab this Error Fare while you can, cancel in the next 24 hours if you need to.

Fly on Brussels Airlines and/or Bulgaria Air.

Sofia is a beautiful city, long hidden from Western travelers until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Flat Bed to Europe r/t for 29,000 Amex Points

You need some Amex Membership Rewards points to convert to Etihad miles to use on Brussels Airlines.

You have to call in to Etihad to get this done, but it’s a heckuva deal!

Mistake Fare, USA to Bulgaria for $268+ Round-Trip, Fall / Winter

This won’t last long. Depart NYC/Chicago/Washington D.C.

Fly Brussels Airlines to Brussels, change to Bulgaria Air and continue on to Sofia, Bulgaria.