Status Match to Delta

Early July is the best time to do a status match to Delta airlines. If you have status on some other airline, you can get status on Delta just by applying.

If you want to Status Match / Challenge Delta – TODAY is the day to do it!

For example, if you are Platinum of American Airlines you can become Gold on Delta. Or, if you are Premier Gold on United you can become Gold on Delta. According to the official rules a status match is a one-time thing and is good for 90 days, or all the way to January 31, 2018, if you meet the associated flight requirements.


NYC to Cuba on American Just $262 r/t

American Airlines is selling coach seats from New York City to Varadero, Cuba, as low as $262 round-trip for Fall travel. Other cities also.

If you are an American citizen you will need a Cuban visa and must meet certain other requirements of purpose of your trip.

UPDATE: Other cities are also discounted,

Fare War: USA to Hong Kong $670 r/t on American

American Airlines offering $670 round-trip fares from Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis & Salt Lake City to Hong Kong, Sept-Oct.

American – $670: Atlanta / Detroit / Minneapolis / Salt Lake City – Hong Kong. Roundtrip, including all Taxes

Minimum 10-day stay, 28-day advance purchase.

Hong Kong Skyline
Hong Kong Skyline

Chances seem good that Delta and United will match this fare.

Dallas, Austin, San Antonio to Europe $453+ r/t Deal Returns

Back in May United and Delta began offering low fares to Europe from American Airlines’ major hub, Dallas-Ft. Worth. Those fares disappeared, but now they have re-appeared. Austin and San Antonio are included. Many cities in Europe are available.

Flights: Dallas / Austin / San Antonio to Europe $529-$707 r/t – AA / DL + Partners

Flights: Austin / San Antonio to Europe $529-$723 r/t – AA / DL + Partners

Departures from late August through the Fall and Winter to February 2017.

Some example round-trip fares from DFW: Barcelona $453, London $558, Paris $624, Casablanca (Morocco, Africa) $622. Austin and San Antonio are generally a little higher.

Expect other airlines to match these fares.

Continuing Fare War to Europe

The air fare war for flights from the United States to Europe continues, with some routes on some dates still available. Low fares are available from several U.S. cities to several European cities on American, Delta and United Airlines.

Sunday low fares round up USA to Europe CLT, DFW, MSP, NYC, ORD, PHL, WAS

In general, you can fly American Airlines from United hubs (e.g., Houston and San Francisco) at a deep discount, United from American hubs (e.g., Dallas and Miami) at a deep discount, etc.

Your U.S. Passport is needed to fly to Europe at these low fares.
Your U.S. Passport is needed to fly to Europe at these low fares.

Chicago to London on AA/BA for $553 r/t

American Airlines and British Air are offering flights from Chicago ORD to London LHR for $553 round-trip, from September 2016 all the way to May 2017. Christmas and New Year’s are excluded from this low fare.

Low Fares to London
Low Fares to London

London is a fun city to visit, and from there you can take flights on ultra-low-cost carriers to other cities in Europe and Africa.


Austin to Madrid/Barcelona $559+, to London $659+ r/t

Delta is offering very low fares from Austin, Texas, to European cities. They apply to travel in November and December only.

Cheap Flights: Austin to Madrid / Barcelona $559-$590 r/t – Delta + SkyTeam

Cheap Flights: Austin to London $659-$676 r/t – Delta + SkyTeam

Note that other airlines may match this fare, or even extend it earlier in the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017. Delta has been engaged in an airfare war with American, so American may well choose to do a match.

USA to New Zealand Only $681 Round-Trip

Fly American Airlines new route from Los Angeles LAX to Auckland, New Zealand, just $681 round-trip.

Other U.S. cities are more expensive, but still good deals.

For example, SFO for $779, ORD for $862, DFW for $880, NYC for $936.

These low fares are available for a variety of dates.