Seattle to Helsinki for $522 Round-Trip

American Airlines and Finnair are offering round-trip flights from Seattle, Washington, to Helsinki, Finland, for just $522 round-trip. This sale extends from January to as late as April, 2017.

Of course, you don’t have to stay in Helsinki…you can catch an ultra-low-cost European airline from there to warmer climes farther south.

Chicago to Dublin Just $482 r/t on American Airlines

American Airlines is listing a fare of $482 for round-trip travel from Chicago ORD to Dublin DUB.

This fare is for winter travel. Dublin is a fun city summer and winter (I’ve been there in both seasons, and in each case had a great time.)

Austin / San Antonio to Hawaii Just $542 Round-Trip on Delta & United

Delta and United are offering fares as low as $542 for round-trip travel from Austin or San Antonio to Honolulu or Maui, Hawaii. American Airlines is not matching at this time, but may begin.

Flights: Austin / San Antonio to/from Honolulu or Maui $531-$577 r/t – United / Delta

See the blog post for full details and how to book.


British Airways Avios Points Explained

This blog post tells everything you want to know about British Air Avios points.

The first portion of the post is concerned with the current 50% bonus promotion, then the remainder of the post tells how to use Avios to best advantage for travel on OneWorld airlines. It is very comprehensive.


Handy Chart Shows Miles Needed from New York to Anywhere

Back in April Dan’s Deals posted a chart showing the number of frequent-flyer miles needed from travel from New York City to almost everywhere. Six airlines are included in the chart, as well as Coach and Business classes.

If you have frequent flyer miles, you should refer to this chart when planning a trip. If you have frequent flyer miles from several airlines, you really should refer to this chart.

American Airlines Frequent Flyer Card
American Airlines Frequent Flyer Card

How to Pass Muster for Travel to Cuba

For Americans, there are legal requirements that they must meet to travel to Cuba. This post clarifies what they are, how to meet them, and what records must be kept.

American, JetBlue, Spirit and other airlines are cleared to begin scheduled service to the island, some as early as September. JetBlue will have fares as low as $99 (or 3500 points).

JetBlue Will Be First U.S. Airline Back to Cuba

Fly the Inaugural Flight to Cuba for Just 3,500 Points!

List of Airline Fees and Policies for Last-Minute Award Bookings

MileValue has compiled a helpful chart of the (often substantial) fees that airlines charge for last-minute bookings using frequent flyer miles and points.

Some airlines, like Air Canada, Alaska Air, British Air and KLM, do not charge a fee.

Others, like American and United, charge $75. Still others, like Delta, JetBlue and Southwest, charge a hidden fee.

The blog post links to a method of avoiding the $75 fee on United.

Photo by Leo Reynolds / Flickr

Austin/San Antonio to Europe for $529 r/t on Delta & American

We see lots of deeply discounted airfares from major cities like New York and Los Angeles, but not so often from smaller places like Austin and San Antonio. Now Delta and American Airlines, and their partners, have addressed that with round-trip fares to Europe as low as $529.

Flights: Austin / San Antonio to Europe $529-$723 r/t – AA / DL + Partners

Destination cities include almost every major city in Europe! These low fares are available as soon as late August, continuing to winter.

For low low fares from other American cities to Europe, click here.

If you want to fly British Air, you may get a substantial discount if you are an AARP member. See this and this pages of this blog for details.

Fly American or Delta to Paris, Photo by hillarywilliamtanner / Flickr
Fly American or Delta to Paris, Photo by hillarywilliamtanner / Flickr

Fare War: California, NYC to Sweden in Early August

Delta and United Airlines are skirmishing over fares from several California airports to Stockholm, Sweden, for August departures. A fare war including American Airlines is continuing for flights from New York to Scandinavia. Iberia Airlines is in the fight also.

Fare War DL/UA $641-$699 LAX/SFO/SJC/SNA to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo early August fares

Check the airline websites, Google Flights and/or your favorite online travel agency (Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, etc.) to see what is available. Look for round-trip fares in the $300s from the East Coast and the $600s from the West Coast.