NYC / Philadelphia to Budapest for $338 Round-Trip

This fare will disappear soon, so book it now with 24-hour cancellation privileges. East Coast cities to Budapest, Hungary, for $338.

HURRY: New York/Philadelphia – Budapest from $338 Roundtrip

Amazing Deal: Fly East Coast to Budapest for ~$300



Change / Cancellation Fees for Airline Award Ticket Bookings

This is an excellent summary of airline charges for changes and cancellations of award tickets.

Change And Cancellation Fees For Airline Award Tickets

The policies of twelve airlines are examined. The best, with no charge for changes / cancellations, are Korean Air and Southwest.

AAdvantage Gold Card
AAdvantage Gold Card

How to Get Compensation for Delayed Europe Flights

You can receive large payments if your flight on a Europe trip is delayed or cancelled, but you have to apply for it. This post tells you how:

In the example, the person received over $600 USD. However, it takes time and the airline will not tell you about it…you have to start the process yourself.