ERROR FARE: Portugal to South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique Just €258 r/t

Many dates available, this error fare may or may not be honored.

This could be a very economical way to travel a very long distance for little money.

Fly NYC to Italy for $450 Round-Trip on Emirates, $454 on United

The Middle-Eastern airlines are coming at the American legacy carriers again with low fares (and superior service).

Note that there have to be 2 or more people traveling together to get this low low fare.

United has a similar deal good for just one person (or more), as per DansDeals:

2 People Traveling Together, Photo by mrhayata / Flickr

Miami to Bolivia for Only $381 Round-Trip, Until June

Flying on Copa Airlines. The destination city in Bolivia is Santa Cruz.

Bolivia is a fascinating nation in South America. If you’ve seen travel photos of women wearing colorful clothing and bowler hats, they are probably from Bolivia.