My family and I have been flying with frequent-flyer miles and bump vouchers since about 1999. We have visited six continents and roughly 40 nations. Each of us has a substantial stash of miles and hotel points ready for use whenever we desire.

The whole idea of travel as a luxury activity changes when your airline tickets and hotel rooms cost little or nothing. Furthermore, the phrase “trip of a lifetime” loses its meaning because you can go anywhere for (almost) free.

I read, or at least skim, a couple of dozen travel blogs every day to learn the latest deals. For several years I’ve been keeping notes of interesting items in a Notepad file on my computer.

Recently I realized that I could keep these notes in a blog, where I can find them and they might also be useful to someone else. So, that’s what you are reading now.

If you have any hot (or even lukewarm) tips, please send them to the GMail address miles99

Thank you and Happy Travels!