JFK to Amsterdam via Poland $499 r/t

LOT, the national airline of Poland, has a deal where you fly from New York JFK to Amsterdam, with all-day layovers in Warsaw, Poland. $499 round-trip.


Warsaw is an interesting city, so this is a good deal with time to do some exploration.

Change / Cancellation Fees for Airline Award Ticket Bookings

This is an excellent summary of airline charges for changes and cancellations of award tickets.

Change And Cancellation Fees For Airline Award Tickets

The policies of twelve airlines are examined. The best, with no charge for changes / cancellations, are Korean Air and Southwest.

AAdvantage Gold Card
AAdvantage Gold Card

An Easy New Way to Book Weird Itineraries

ITA Matrix is the best way to piece together unusual airline itineraries, but it does not let you actually purchase them. Now a new website named BookWithMatrix makes those itineraries bookable.

Bet You Didn’t Know: A New Way To Book Flights Directly From ITA Matrix

BookWithMatrix.com is free, but the way it works is somewhat unbelievable so you should read the above blog post.

NYC / California to Japan/Korea/Hong Kong for $398 r/t

Air China is offering tickets to the Far East (Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong) for unbelievably low prices, for travel October 2016 until March 2017. Depart from JFK, SFO or SJC.


This price is available on only a few days, but the other days are still much less expensive than is normal for these routes.

Hong Kong Skyline
Hong Kong Skyline

Cheap (& Free) Fun Things in Dublin

With all the low airfares to Dublin (DUB), you might be wondering what to do when you are there (besides leave on Ryanair for other European nations). This blog post has 32 fun tips.


While the list is from a blog for solo travelers, the fun is certainly available also to couples and (mostly) families.

Travel Tips to Russia St. Petersburg Moscow

This blog post has 10 tips to make your visit to Russia and St. Petersburg more enjoyable. St. Petersburg is a fascinating city in Russia, but it’s a little more difficult to enjoy than Western European cities.


The most helpful tip may be the last one — learn the Cyrillic alphabet. Others include requesting the 3-year visa rather than the short-term one, at no extra cost…you, like many others, may fall in love with St. Petersburg and want to return again next year.

What Happens If You Do Not Have Your ID at the Airport?

Many people assume that no ID = no fly, but that isn’t the case. Unless you have intentionally arrived at the airport without a photo identification (perhaps as a protest), you can still get a boarding pass, go through TSA security and board your aircraft and fly even if you do not have your drivers license or passport.

What if I Don’t Have My ID at the Airport?

The TSA sees many people whose purses and wallets have been lost or stolen while on vacation, and knows how to deal with that.

NYC to Dublin Just 50 cents (Plus Fees, Taxes)

Fifty cents is the base fare on Delta (25 cents outbound, 25 cents return), but you also have to add in $206 YR surcharge and miscellaneous taxes and fees. The total airfare is $293.10 round-trip, which is still an excellent deal.

HOT: Want to Go to Ireland? Delta Has Base Fares of 50 Cents Each Way!

Good for travel on Sunday through Wednesday, minimum 7-day stay, outbound August 23 through October 29.

This super-low fare, even with all the extras, won’t last long.