Lose Your Credit Card While Traveling? Here’s What to Do

Many people travel with a credit card or two and a little bit of cash. What if your credit card is lost or stolen? What should you do, and when? This blog post has the answers:


One evening I accidentally left my (black colored) credit card in one of those black receipt folders that restaurants use to hand you your bill. This was in Cuzco, Peru. I figured it was gone for good, but went back to the restaurant the next morning when it opened on the off chance that they had the card.

“No señor, we have not seen it” was the answer, but they let me look through all the receipt folders…and there it was, inside one right where I had left it!

You Don't Want to Lose a Credit Card While Traveling
You Don’t Want to Lose a Credit Card While Traveling

If you lose your card, and you aren’t so lucky as I was, the SoloTraveler blog post will guide you through the process.

Boston to Germany Only $359 r/t on United

United Airlines is offering a very inexpensive fare of $359 round-trip between Boston and Hamburg, Germany. Fly in October & November, maybe later also.


The routing for this very low fare goes through Newark. From Hamburg you can take other ultra-low-cost European airlines (e.g., AirBerlin) to other destinations, including those with more temperate winter climates.

Other airlines may match this airfare.

San Francisco to Hawaii $341 Round-Trip

Virgin America is featuring an airfare of only $341 for round-trip travel from San Francisco to Maui, Hawai’i.


Maui is a beautiful island in the state of Hawaii.

IHG PointBreaks List is Out and Bookable

Many frequent flyers anxiously await every new IHG PointBreaks list, and it is out and bookable today! For just 5000 IHG points (cost about $30) you can book a stay in select hotels.


IHG Point Breaks Fall 2016: Full List of Hotels for 5K Points Including Two Nice Intercontinental Properties

New IHG PointBreak Hotels!

IHG Releases PointBreaks List for Stays Through October 31


Paid Holiday Inn Stays Usually Count for IHG Promotions
Paid Holiday Inn Stays Usually Count for IHG Promotions

I’ve already made a few PointBreaks reservations for stays in Great Britain next month.


USA to Hong Kong Just $505 r/t on Cathay Pacific

Cathay has a discounted fare of $505+ for flights from Chicago, Los Angeles or San Francisco to Hong Kong. This fare is available for some dates August to December.


DEAL ALERT: Major US Cities To Asia From Just $504 Roundtrip!

Cathay Pacific is a very highly rated airline, and this is a non-stop route. Be sure to sign up for their frequent-flyer program, since a Cathay Pacific credit card will be issued next year and it’s likely to have a signup bonus.

Hong Kong Skyline
Hong Kong Skyline

Lufthansa Selling Airline Tickets on AirBnB

It’s a first, a major airline selling tickets on Airbnb. Lufthansa is selling premium economy tickets from Frankfurt to New York (not the other way) for just 699EUR. This appears to be a round-trip price.

This Is A First: An Airline Is Selling Seats On Airbnb

A 4-day minimum stay is required, and valid dates range from August 23 to December 15.

Note that this is premium economy, with features likely to include more legroom and free drinks.