Boston to Many Asian Cities, $651+ Roundtrip on Qatar Airways

Destinations like Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Phnom Penh, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali and Seoul for less than $700. May and June.

All fares are from departuren city Boston.


United, British Air Cracking Down on Hidden City Ticketing

Gary Leff gives some tips to help you avoid the crackdown and save money.

Hidden city ticketing is when you purchase a ticket with an extra segment at the end, but you never intend to go to that final city. For example, if you are in City A and you want to fly to City B, sometimes it’s less expensive to purchase a ticket A to B to C. In this case C is a third city that you do not want to visit.

Gary explains how it all works in his blog post.

American Miles Expiring Soon? Here is Quick & Easy Way to Protect Them

American Airlines AAdvantage miles expire after 18 (I think) months of inactivity in the account. So you need to either add or subtract at least one frequent-flyer mile every year or so.

This promotion takes, literally, just 2 minutes and will earn you 350 miles. That’s only about 1% of what you need for a r/t flight in the US, but it’s more than enough to protect your existing miles.

Scroll down past the contest to the section named “Earn 350 AAdvantage Bonus Miles.” Then pick an event (Wedding, Anniversary, Other, etc.) and a date. You can be truthful if you like.

If desired, you can continue on with a post to Facebook or Twitter and get another 350 miles.

This promotion is scheduled to end at 12PM CDT on June 1, 2016.

American Airlines, Photo by Thomas Hawk / Flickr
American Airlines, Photo by Thomas Hawk / Flickr

Hoping Your Airline Has a Schedule Change

Some of us select less-popular departure times (e.g., 6 AM, 11 PM) because those tickets cost the least. Wouldn’t it be nice if the airline called you and said they had a more desirable flight time available, maybe with fewer stops, and you could switch to it at no extra cost?

Well, that is an option when American or United does a schedule change.

This article has the details, and includes the different rules that Delta follows. For American Airlines, you want a schedule change of 90 minutes or more. For United Airlines, you want an arrival time shift of at least 60 minutes.


Bizarre and Uncomfortable Things that Have Happened on Airline Flights

This puff piece does have some interesting descriptions of weird things that airline staff have seen on flights.

Most flights are pretty routine, like a bus ride except up in the sky, but these occasional quirks do provide something to talk about later.

There is no mention of the Mile-High Club in the article.