Targeted Offer of Free United Airlines Miles

United Airlines is offering free MileagePlus frequent-flyer miles to targeted accounts. You can easily see if you were targeted at this link, simply by entering your MileagePlus number:

Free miles offers from United Airlines don’t come around every day.

Dan’s Deals has more information:

I was not targeted, but my wife was. Her offer is 10,000 extra frequent flyer miles if she spends $500 on airfare and flies before Nov. 30.

United flies to LAX International Airport
United flies to LAX International Airport

Be sure to notice this important caveat at Dan’s webpage: “Only the base fare+fuel surcharges count towards the spend threshold, taxes and government mandated fees don’t count.”

Emirates Low Fare Sale to Europe, Asia, Africa

Emirates is once again having a sale, where 2 tickets cost about the same as one. This sale is called “Big Takeoff.”

Destinations include Italy, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Thailand. Flights originate in Houston.

jetBlue Flights as Low as 1,800 Points

jetBlue is now offering award travel for as few as 1,800 points.

The particular route for 1,800 points is Washington, DC to Hartford, CT, and the reverse. Other routes are more, of course, but this is still noteworthy.

JetBlue offers award travel for very few points.
JetBlue offers award travel for very few points.

US-Russia <$400 Round-Trip from Many Cities

This is a Star Alliance deal, with low low prices from over a dozen American cities to Moscow or St. Petersburg, Russia.

For example, Miami to Moscow only $345 r/t this Fall.

Full details here:

There are other factors involved in travel to Russia, including the cost of a visa, an invitation letter and (for males only) a special document to ensure that you are not a spy.

Spies in Russia May Try to Look Like Tourists
Spies in Russia May Try to Look Like Tourists

Europeans Only: Big New IHG ‘Accelerate’ Promotion

UPDATE: Some have reported that this promotion is open to Europeans only.

ORIGINAL POST: IHG (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Intercontinental, etc.) hotel chain runs big promotions several times per year. Their newest one is “Summer 2016 Accelerate” and it’s open now…to some.

Lots of Free Points in Newest IHG Promotion

This newest promotion runs from June 1 to August 31, 2016. Each offer is personalized, but in general you receive points for reaching goals like downloading the IHG app, staying weekends, multiple stays and paying with an IHG credit card. Award stays do not count toward your goals.

Paid Holiday Inn Stays Usually Count for IHG Promotions
Paid Holiday Inn Stays Usually Count for IHG Promotions

Unfortunately and somewhat mysteriously, when I entered my IHG number just now the reply was “Not Eligible.” I plan to try again tomorrow and see if this glitch? has been fixed.

USA to Israel Just $665 r/t This Summer on Delta

Departing for Israel from Chicago / LAX / Miami / Washington DC, through JFK to Tel Aviv. Delta Airlines. Numerous summer dates.

Very Inexpensive Summer Travel on Delta to Israel

The least expensive departure city is Chicago (ORD), other cities higher but still inexpensive.

See this Dan’s Deals post for more information including how to book these low fares.

You can travel all over the world for free.
Fly free all over the world

As with all good deals, it’s best to book ASAP and then cancel within 24 hours if needed.

German ‘Global Entry’ Pass Available to Americans, Free

One of the best investments an American traveler can make is Global Entry. Now you can also get the German equivalent, free.

Global Entry: For $100 and a brief interview, with Global Entry you get 5 years of automatic PreCheck and a permission to bypass the long passport lines when re-entering the United States. The TSA sells PreCheck alone for $85 (5 years), so it’s just $15 more to skip those tedius lines after a long international flight.

Free German ‘Global Entry’ for Americans

It turns out that Germany has a similar program, that is available to Americans free. Their program is called “EasyPASS-RTP”.

You have to do the interview in Germany, but it is quick and easy and can be done right at the airport. You almost surely will get an interviewer who speaks English.

Interview sites are located at these airports: Berlin-Tegel, Cologne/Bonn (coming soon), Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. Many Americans will find that Frankfurt is their likely choice, since it is a popular destination for overnight flights from North America. The offices open early, think 5 or 6 AM, so arriving passengers can apply before leaving the airport. No reservation is required.

Your U.S. Passport is needed to get German 'Global Entry' that lets you skip long passport lines.
Your U.S. Passport is needed to get German ‘Global Entry’ that lets you skip long passport lines.

Once you have gone through passport control in Germany, you are in the open-border Schengen area of Europe.

I can’t wait to do this on my next flight landing in Germany!

Fare War Heating Up, AA Now $600+ To Europe

American Airlines has joined Delta and United Airlines in a fare war to Europe.

Example: SFO to Barcelona for $603 round-trip. Numerous cities in Europe are available at cut-rate fares.

You can fly November 2016 to March 2017 from San Francisco to Europe at these low low fares.

Buy your ticket quickly, before peace breaks out and these low fares fly away. You generally have 24 hours to change your mind after you purchase an airline ticket in the United States.

American Airlines in Fare War to Europe, Photo by Thomas Hawk / Flickr
American Airlines Flies to Europe, Photo by Thomas Hawk / Flickr

Very Low Prices to Europe on Delta

Delta Airlines is offering remarkably low round-trip fares from the United States to numerous destinations in Europe. For example, Washington D.C. to Dublin for $317…yes, that is round-trip!

Some other origination cities are Cleveland, Denver, Houston and San Francisco.

Destinations include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, London, Moscow and many others.

Fares this low will not be around long, and other airlines may briefly match some of them.